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The Indian Idol Academy a one of its kind, branded learning program for excelling in the field of singing and performance. Indian Idol Academy is a mix of the traditional with contemporary. The instruction is multimedia based. It exploits the best possibilities of technology in developing a course ware that is thoroughly interactive and intensely engaging. You can be a part of its immensely engaging music courses from anywhere, anytime.

Basic Music Education:

The approach to curriculum is divided into 3 sections “Gyan”- focused on knowledge, “Kaushal”- focused on skills, “Sadhana”- focused on practice.

Gyan Kaushal Sadhana
The "Gyan" section helps you understand Music orientation & basics. It includes core technical ability combined with emotion; Pronunciation & articulation; Stage movement; Clothes and make up, how the voice works; and how to practice to improve. "Kaushal" focuses on specific skills a singer and performer needs to perform their best: Art of performance; Stage presence; Connecting with an audience; Communication & presentation skills; Personal grooming & confidence; Thinking outside the box to surprise an audience; Emotional intelligence and its impact in singing and performing; and Listening skills – how to hear music more keenly. "Sadhana" focuses on the specific practices that develop a singer’s talent: Breathing techniques for vocal strength and control Individual stylization; Picking songs that best suit your voice; Breaking down and working through a song; Physical workout regime to enhance voice and body language; Team performance; Mock band Individual performance –Karoake; Microphone techniques; Lyrics writing & composition; Following a prescribed diet – what to eat/drink – not eat/drink.